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'The best choice for people that want to improve technique, fitness and functionality, while gaining confidence - safely'

session 1: 1 hour 15 minutes:  (times are flexible around your scheduel)
consultation, goal setting, nutrition, warming up, workout 1 stretching and core  

session 2: 55 minutes - 
workout 2 (depending on your goals) 

session 3: 1 hour 15 minutes 
feedback from session 2 - workout 3 tailoring - either progressing on reducing intensity  - weekly exercise planning consultation and review 

solo £15 40 minutes 
solo £5 per additional 15 minutes 

buddy session: 
save £5 per person

Small group (3 ppl or more) 
for Personal training or pre booked classes on demand  7,50 per person 

 CC is a series of personal sessions specifically designed to make you more comfortable with gym classes. Learn routines, choreography, exercises and what equipment you'll be using in the class of your choice at a pace that suits you. CCP Links with current classes on the KBCX timetable. 
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TP1: keep moving 
Level 1 training for those in rehabilitation from injury (post physio), postural stretch correction, building core muscles for level 2 and for those just wanting to maintain their mobility. Most people start at this level and may come back to it from time to time.  
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TP2: next step
Level 2 training 
Progressing what you already know and including some higher risk exercises now that you have good core strength and have a good BMI
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TP3: Challenge
Level 3 training
Not for the faint hearted - very active already doing a range of activities and looking for a new challenge 
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