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'You can only know the value once you've seen if it works'

I have been training clients to loose fat and get fit since 2007 in Leeds London and Keighley. Using one to one instruction, classes, program plans, well balanced nutrition, and realistic well defined goals I have helped them to loose over 2000 dress sizes, improved their mobility whilst keeping the injury rate below 0.01%.

My success especially with beginners is due to understanding what the modern gym users abilities are when they start to exercise after a break and, focus on injury prevention and  apply the principles of integrated training so that each client begins their journey at the right junction. My goal is to make my clients class fit so they can do a variety of daily exercise that's fun and affordable, and move away from one to one training as soon as they are ready.   

Some people can do classes straight away whilst others need to re-establish the connection with their body first. Integrated training teaches us how to warm up, stretch and perform key postures correctly first and then work on isolating the core muscles of the lumbar spine, hips, shoulders and neck - the axis of the body. From there we may introduce more challenging work such as impact, speed and shock in a controlled careful way relative to the clients age, gender and ability. Conditioning for an athlete might mean a tuck jump, whilst for someone in their 70s it might mean getting out of a chair quickly. I tailor the integrated training structure to your needs and if any general principle applies it is doing 'a little bit more' that you would with a little bit better technique than you would. With a little bit of commitment from you this will always lead success. 
Integrated training can be considered to be over cautious, does takes patience and is not attractive to someone that just wants to work hard right off the bat. However, the more you practice the greater your abilities, the more you can do, the wider the variety I can teach. The result is that you will be injury free long enough to get fit and stay fit.  Mentally and physically the results will be for the long term. 

There is just one thing I ask from you: 

exercise at least 5 times a week.

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For info or free trial txt 'FLG' to 07817499317