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Total time 1 hour 30 

Warm 7 minutes 
Always warm up with low range pulse raising activities for 10+ minutes 
This can count towards your daily 30 minute low level aerobic time

Mobility 3 minutes
Always do a few light mobility exercises that relate to the workout ahead. 

  1. arm circles
  2. wall squats
  3. kayak kicks
  4. side lean reaches

Stretch 3 minutes 
Always do a few light 10 second stretches starting from the lower body and working up. Many stretches can also help the balancing muscles to be pre activated.  these can all be repeated after each unit individually or at end as part of your flexibility maintainence.  

  1. calf wall stretch
  2. hamstring staggered stretch
  3. ankle grab on one leg
  4. knee squeeze on one leg
  5. wide leg sumo
  6. side wall lean
  7. wall twist
  8. forward reach
  9. chest chicken wings 
  10. ski neck stretch
  11. sky reach 
  12. neck lean (shoulder rolls between)
  13. neck twist (shoulder rolls between)

MAIN  55minutes
1 song per unit - it doesn't matter if all the exercises don't fit as long as you are exercising that area for the entire song without stopping. Some exercises are designed to be like rests and some really challenging. Try to fit as much variety as possible in and challenge yourself on the chorus! In rests between units, have a drink and recover then a 30 second stretch for the area you worked most. 

UNIT   - abbs and push  
  1. crunch 
  2. situps 
  3. abb bike
  4. wall knee ins 
  5. plank 
  6. prey press
*u stretch rest 

UNIT  -  bum
  1. Bridge raise
  2. Single leg bridge raise kicks
  3. Single leg bridge raise lever
  4. Table Kick ups 
  5. Table 4 flick
  6. Table kick outs
  7. Table superman
  8. Table windscreen wipers
*knee squeeze stretch rest

UNIT - obliques
  1. side crunch
  2. side plank
*side lean stretch rest

UNIT  - Legs 1
  1. train track squat
  2. sumo squat
  3. narrow squat  
*quad stretch

UNIT  - upper back, shoulders and lower back & hamstrings
  1. fly lying on bench or floor 
  2. fly kneeling  and shoulder press
  3. deadlifts
  4. dead rows
  5. bent over row
*rear shoulder stretch

UNIT - legs  2
  1. lunges
  2. lung switches
  3. tip toe raises 
*inside thigh stretch

UNIT - lats and pulling down
  1. pull over 
  2. machine pull down 
*lat stretch

UNIT - Triceps
  1. kneeling kick backs
  2. tricep extensions
  3. bench dips
*tricep stretch

UNIT - biceps 
  1. front bicep curls
  2. reverse curls
  3. side curls 

random on Cardio machine or spin class

  1. chicken wings stretch 
  2. calf wall stretch
  3. knee squeeze on one leg
  4. wide leg sumo
  5. wall twist
  6. forward reach
  7. skii neck stretch
  8. sky reach 
  9. neck lean (shoulder rolls between)
  10. neck twist (shoulder rolls between)